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Hawaii Steel Doors

Hawaii Steel Door is a type of door made primarily from GI Sheets, a strong and durable metal. It is known for its robustness, security features, and resistance to environmental factors. Steel doors are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings due to their enhanced security, fire resistance, and low maintenance requirements. They provide an extra layer of protection and are suitable for various architectural styles and applications.

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Stark Steel Doors

Stark Steel Door is just like Hawaii Steel door. Providing enhanced security and long-lasting performance. Steel doors are fire-resistant, low-maintenance, and cost-effective over their lifespan, making them a popular choice for entrances and areas that require reliable protection. Creative venture with expertise in all kinds of steel doors and design works. We bring Your dream home to reality in mind-blowing colours and designs.

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Hawaii Steel Windows

Hawaii Steel windows are window frames and sashes made from GI, a strong and durable metal. They are known for their slim profiles, aesthetic appeal, and resilience to harsh weather conditions. Steel windows offer a classic and industrial look that complements various architectural styles. Their durability and low maintenance make them a popular choice for long-lasting and visually appealing windows. Steel Windows are made with imported machines and done with MIG welding.

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Stailess Steel Water Tanks

Premium range pressurised storage tank manufactured from European standard EN 1.4404 (AISI 3 16L) higher thickness stainless steel offering the best strength and robust techniques. Engineering department state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsman design. Steel plates are formed and fitted creating strong storage tanks. An excellent balance of flexibility, impact, strength, abrasion, resistance and corrosion resistance. The material of construction is the most preferred material for use in the food and pharma industries.

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