Hawaii Steel Doors


SRK 100 S

Product Description

Hawaii  doors available in a multitude  colours and provide a rich exotic appearance.steel doors are constructed of well-insulated steel and are perfectly created to suit international GI Standards. . Highest security is provided with an anti-theft locking system, reinforced hinges, and a door viewer. Impact and breaking resistance are two important characteristics of the lock's multi-layered reinforced plate.hawaii store is the Best steel door shop in Calicut,Best steel doors in ernakulam and Best steel door shop in perinthalmanna.

Product Details

2050*880*50 MM S/L

2050/1950*880*70 MM 5/6"

2050*980*50 MM S/L

2050/1950*980*70 MM 5/6"

2050/1950*1080*70 MM 5/6"

2050*1080*70 MM 8/9"

2050*1200*70 MM 5/6"

2050/1950*1200*70 MM 8"/9"

2050*1200*70 MM 8"/9" -S/G


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