Hawaii Steel Doors


SRK 101 S

Product Description

Hawaii  doors available in a multitude of traditional wood colours and provide a rich exotic appearance.steel doors are constructed of well-insulated steel and are perfectly created to suit international GI Standards. Whenever the door is locked, it also locks five additional places, providing maximum security. Highest security is provided with an anti-theft locking system, reinforced hinges, and a door viewer. Impact and breaking resistance are two important characteristics of the lock's multi-layered reinforced plate.hawaii store is the Best steel door shop in Calicut,Best steel doors in ernakulam and Best steel door shop in perinthalmanna,Hawaii store Also produces steel doors for friend doors and security steel doors for buildings

Product Details

2050*980*70 MM 5/6"

2050*1080*70 MM 8/9"

2050*1200*70 MM 5/6"

2050*1200 5/9"

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